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android开发日志 使用tcpdump抓包



  • 手机需要有root的权限

1. 下载tcpdump

[download id=”46″]

2. 执行下面命令 传输到手机里面,记得打开调试模式

adb push ./tcpdump /tmp/tcpdump

3. 改变执行权限

adb shell chmod 755 /tmp/tcpdump


adb shell,   su获得root权限


cd /tmp

./tcpdump -i any -p -s 0 -w /sdcard/capture.pcap


# “-i any”: listen on any network interface

# “-p”: disable promiscuous mode (doesn’t work anyway)

# “-s 0”: capture the entire packet

# “-w”: write packets to a file (rather than printing to stdout)

… do whatever you want to capture, then ^C to stop it …

6. 把输出的文件传回电脑

adb pull /sdcard/capture.pcap ~/

7.  在电脑上用wireshark打开capture.pcap即可分析log

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