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Android开发日志 得到手机版本号



2.0+ 和2.0- 的日程url不一样..


其实android sdk里面是带有这个的

import android.os.Build;




String BOARD The name of the underlying board, like "goldfish".
String BOOTLOADER The system bootloader version number.
String BRAND The brand (e.g., carrier) the software is customized for, if any.
String CPU_ABI The name of the instruction set (CPU type + ABI convention) of native code.
String CPU_ABI2 The name of the second instruction set (CPU type + ABI convention) of native code.
String DEVICE The name of the industrial design.
String DISPLAY A build ID string meant for displaying to the user
String FINGERPRINT A string that uniquely identifies this build.
String HARDWARE The name of the hardware (from the kernel command line or /proc).
String HOST
String ID Either a changelist number, or a label like "M4-rc20".
String MANUFACTURER The manufacturer of the product/hardware.
String MODEL The end-user-visible name for the end product.
String PRODUCT The name of the overall product.
String RADIO The radio firmware version number.
String TAGS Comma-separated tags describing the build, like "unsigned,debug".
long TIME
String TYPE The type of build, like "user" or "eng".
String UNKNOWN Value used for when a build property is unknown.
String USER

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8月 19th, 2010 at 9:27 下午